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We were meant to write a serious book about work, but ended up making fun of all the serious business people we know instead… and ourselves.

Presenting, Holy Sh!t, It’s Only Tuesday? – a satire on serious workplaces, toxic office culture, the drama of life, and our need to feel important.

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We get your team learning and laughing, because the happier we are at work, the better we perform.

Interactive Workshops on EQ in your organisation

We work with teams to develop culture — by focusing on Emotional Intelligence. We think people already have the capacity to improve their self-awareness and empathy for the people they work with. 

So, rather than traditional lecturing, our sessions focus on fun, active group participation. We start a conversation around what is often a difficult subject — Emotional Intelligence.

Hilarious book about the workplace: Holy Sh!t, It's Only Tuesday?

In our funny book, (well, we think it’s funny) we explore the differences between two workplace cultures that couldn’t be less alike.

Now, both are ‘successful’, but here’s the question — who’s having the better time, and who’s headed for disaster?

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Turns out there's strange, unwelcome guests in your organisation...


They ask for too much and work too little. They’re unreliable. They complain… constantly. They piggy-back off your hard work and think they know better than you.

We call them ‘people.’

These ‘people’ have the audacity to have their own thoughts, feelings and opinions about things, as well as this strange fantasy called ‘a life outside of work.’

But there’s a solution…

No, it's not artificial intelligence

The Value of Emotional Intelligence

EQ is about understanding our reactions and what’s happening in us (self-awareness), and being able to do the same for others (care for and understanding of what others are experiencing — empathy)

A lack of EQ or awareness can seriously impede results and performance, or simply make work needlessly painful — even in incredibly successful organisations. When we lack EQ, we normally create more expensive and draining ways of dealing with conflict, motivating and performing. Over time, nothing generates toxic culture more than a lack of awareness and understanding of people.

advantages of developing eq
We wonder...

Is people's behaviour just irrational...

Or is there a way to understand?

Norman Stern, CEO of 'BRAGG Inc.'

The soft approach doesn’t work, believe me,’ insists Norm. ‘That’s the only way to handle people — with an iron fist. How else are you going to hold onto performers?’

Trevor Loman, Founder of 'Gleeland'

‘Hmm… well, I don’t try too hard to hold onto people. I like to give them a choice, so I usually say, “If you aren’t happy here, let’s talk, or I’ll help you find something better.”’

From our book — “Holy Sh!t, It’s OnlyTuesday?

“On a serious note, I get a real kick out of watching the staff laugh, and to laugh all together with them is fantastic, so it went really well.”

- PAUL BROCK, CEO of Carey Training

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