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We’re creating happier & more productive workplaces through the power of laughter.

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We run Laughter Workshops designed to make people feel less stressed, lighten their mood, rid themselves of gloominess, be more energetic, and to simply feel good inside. We believe laughter is good for general health and wellbeing and promotes a positive work culture.

Everyone needs a good laugh

Laughter Workshops are for anyone and everyone. They’re a great way of relieving stress and for bonding with others. If you’re an employer, our Laughter Workshops are a great team building exercise. They’re also a fabulous culture-building activity and promote workplace health and wellbeing.

Why not hold a Laughter Workshop over breakfast once a month?And, if you’re a conference or event planner, what a great way to take a break during sessions of an information-rich conference and revitalise an audience? Or to kick off an event and set the tone for the day?

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Laughter is the best medicine

Its an old adage but true. The benefits of laughter have been scientifically proven to remedy depression and help to reduce stress levels. The more you laugh, the more oxygen you breathe in and the more lively and energetic you feel. Laughter takes away your worries and tensions, lightens your mood, and triggers T-cells which help in keeping your immune system in top shape.

It’s also known to release endorphins in the blood stream that reduce pain and boost pleasure, resulting in a feeling of positivity and wellbeing. A good laugh can also help you in social settings by giving you confidence in meeting new people, taking part in conversations, and making friends.


Some stats not to be laughed at

We never thought of statistics as being particularly funny until we uncovered a few about laughing. If you’re one of those people who love a good stat (even if you’re not), here are a few that will bring a smile to your dial.


of Executives feel that people with a good sense of humor perform better in their job


Employees are 12% more productive when they are happier in the workplace.


Companies achieve 2.1% above industry benchmarks with happier employees.

Statistics based on LevelingUp.

“On a serious note, I get a real kick out of watching the staff laugh, and to laugh all together with them is fantastic, so it went really well.”

- PAUL BROCK, CEO of Carey Training

How we give back

Our Laughter Workshops help to support the amazing work of The Humour Foundation. Thank you tremendously for helping us make a difference.

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