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Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughing is a day wasted”. Personally, we believe everyone needs to laugh more.

We’re good for a laugh

Did you know that a Stanford University study by Dr William Fry concluded that just 10 minutes of joyous laughter is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise on a rowing machine?

Our free Laughter Workshop is a great way to create a positive work environment, reduce stresses, and create a more energetic workspace.

In fact, from a business perspective, a Laughter Workshop increases your employee’s blood circulation level and oxygen supply and is known to release neuropeptides, which improves brain function and helps in the performance of workplace tasks.

And all without having to spend a fortune on high-tech machinery or gym memberships for your employees.

Benefitting your business

Employers know that happy employees mean greater productivity and our Laughter Workshop come with a 100% laughter guarantee.

Other benefits businesses get by having a Laughter Workshop at the workplace are:

A 30-minute Laughter Workshop helps people release their stress by doing some simple laughter exercises. Through these humorous exercises, employees learn to bond more easily with each other, learn to cooperate and enjoy each other’s company, and generally put people in a good mood.

And a good mood and stress-free mind is the prime reason for better workplace performance.

Graph showing how laughter makes company culture and productivity better

"My team genuinely enjoyed the workshop.
I do think the messages about “smiling” and “laughter” were important reminders and strong takeaways for us."

- Don Dickie, NDSP Plan Management

There’s no reason not to laugh

By now, you’re probably aware that having a good ’ol chuckle is just what the doctor ordered. Laughing not only brings benefits to your mental and physical wellbeing but can also substantially increase the social culture of your workplace.

Mental Health Benefits of Laughter

Physical Health Benefits of Laughter

Social / Workplace Benefits of Laughter


Some stats not to be laughed at

We never thought of statistics as being particularly funny until we uncovered a few about laughing. If you’re one of those people who love a good stat (even if you’re not), here are a few that will bring a smile to your dial.


of Executives feel that people with a good sense of humor perform better in their job


Employees are 12% more productive when they are happier in the workplace.


Companies achieve 2.1% above industry benchmarks with happier employees.


of executives believe a sense of humor is important for career advancement.


of job seekers turned down a job because of the company’s culture.


reduction in feelings of agitation using laughter therapy .

Statistics based on LevelingUp.

How we give back

The Laughter Project supports the amazing work of The Humour Foundation. Thank you tremendously for helping us make a difference.

Let's get you laughing!

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