Our Story

Our story is a simple one: we are funny people who laugh all the time, who want to make people laugh, and who know for a fact that laughter is good for you.

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you

At The Laughter Project, we have an incredible culture of sharing and caring and laughing a lot. We believe everyone needs to laugh more, and our mission is to make the world a happier place.

Our vision is to foster wellbeing and positivity through corporate Laughter Workshops designed to bring people together for a rollicking good time.

FOUNDER & laughterologist - MEET PAUL ROWSE

Laughter comes first, funny second

Paul Rowse is a funny man…just ask him. Paul knows about laughing and what it can do to empower not only an individual but a business or community group as a whole. He believes that the moment you try and make people laugh at something, they lose it.

The Laughter Project workshops are designed to be about wellness, culture, and overall joy and wellbeing. Paul is quick to point out that in their workshops, “Laughter comes not from the facilitator, but from the group.”

Just for laughs, he’s come up with some stats about life. If you live to be 80, you’ll spend 26 years sleeping; 9 years eating; 5 years on the dunny; 8 years watching TV; 13 years working, and 8 years looking at your phone. That leaves 11 years. Wouldn’t it be great to spend those 11 years laughing?

Paul guarantees 100% laughter in their Laughter Workshops but poses a thought for all workshop attendees. “You can choose to laugh just in this session, or you can choose to laugh for the rest of your life.”

Think about that while you’re having a chuckle.

Introducing the laughterologists

The Laughter Project has some seriously funny people. We all love a good laugh, and we know how to make you laugh too. Funny about that!

Paul Rowse

Paul is, amongst many other things, a qualified laughing coach. He has also been a marriage celebrant, restauranteur, and business builder before undertaking an MBA in his forties. Paul is motivated by empowering others to reach their potential and believes in fun, happiness and laughter and sharing good times. He believes in not taking life too seriously which is why he barracks for Sturt and Carlton.

Andrew Ormandy

Andrew is a professional clown and knows his laughter. He has made people laugh for years with his alter egos Bumbles the clown, AMAZO the magician, Third Degree Burnie and many others. Andrew’s wide range of experiences include talk-back radio, Government, promotional marketing, and disabilities health education. This experience plus the acquisition of many skills garnered along the way, is being put to good use as a new business owner and professional entertainer and MC.

Mark Ferdinands

Mark is the Managing Director of Cinderellas Commercial Cleaning Group and the happiest cleaner in Adelaide. Mark’s experience comes from a broad range of industries having worked for the Navy, and over 13 years of hotel management. In his business, he is involved in working with and developing small to very large teams of personnel across numerous sites with a focus on achieving targets and executing deadlines. Mark has an infectious laugh (as you’ll soon discover) and is a qualified laughing coach.

Apple Wang

Apple began her journey in a little town in Wuyuan County known as “The Most Beautiful Village” in China. Despite poverty and limited resources, she never gave up her dream of traveling the world and becoming an influential public speaker. Her positive attitude and ability to laugh during times of both happiness and adversity allowed her to complete an MBA and master’s degree in Banking and Finance, taking diverse roles as a marketing executive and project manager. Having inherited a strong sense of humour from her father, she believes that laughing is the best therapy.

Peter Salerno

Peter Salerno is recognised as being a high achiever. He has an infectious enthusiasm, and is an inspirational and motivational presenter as well as being a great leader and coach. He is an Author, Magician, Professional Speaker & Laughter Therapist. He combines all his talents to teach, coach and facilitate workshops. Seminar and keynote speaking topics include Laughter Therapy, “Don’t you hate Wobbly Tables”, the Salerno Principle “Finding your Better Self” Sales Skills, Motivation comes from Within, Accepting Change as a Positive Growth, Pushing Beyond Limiting Beliefs, and Putting Passion into Productivity.

How we give back

Our Laughter Workshops help to support the amazing work of The Humour Foundation. Thank you tremendously for helping us make a difference.

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