Dealing with the stress & anxiety in your life

Meditation helps to improve mental, physical and social health. We thought we’d create a relaxing track with a bit humour sprinkled in for the best of both worlds.

Rid yourself of stress & anxiety now

Letting go of Bullshit makes you happier. 

This experience will take 30 minutes of your time and is 100 % guaranteed to give you the best shit of your life. Most of us may have heard of the benefits of letting go of the shit but what is it…. letting go of the shit is taking time out to listen to our mind.

Our mind is full of shit, its talking to us continuously however how much shit do we listen to and remember, what is helpful to us to remember and what is shit. 

We could possibly be having a repetitive bullshit conversation with ourselves without really understanding why. When we explore why we may have unhelpful bullshit conversations we recognize them. 

To choose more helpful conversations with ourselves is the goal. Conversations that look for the upside, look for the positive, look for the humour, look for the joy, look for the happiness, look for the love, look for the love of self and love for all.

And less Bullshit!!


Having less shit in our lives reduces stress

Research studies show that when we think less bullshit, we feel better by developing beneficial habits and feelings such as a positive outlook, increased self-discipline, happier mind set, better sleep and improved concentration.


Less shit in our lives means less anxiety in our lives. A meta-analysis of over 1300 adults found that a good shit was as good as great sex.

High fibre is needed for good quality shits and can also be used to help control job related anxiety. Studies have found that regular shits improve feelings of wellbeing decreasing distress and job strain. Next time you need some relief tell your boss we both need to go and have a good shit.


Long shits promote emotional health. A recent study of more than 3500 people found that long shits improved the symptoms of negative thinking. People who complete long shit exercises experience fewer negative thoughts.

Inflammatory chemicals called cytokines are released when we are stressed affecting our mood leading to unhelpful and unhealthy stress however when we do a big shit we release all those toxic chemicals.


Shitting keeps us young. Improvements in attention and learning when we listen to our mind talk can bring clarity and help keep our minds young. Good wholesome shits change our brain for the better increasing grey matter density.


Having a good a shit before we go to bed can help control our emotions and can assist us in pain management. It helps us to objectively analyse ourselves and clear the pathway to freedom of all that bullshit.

We hope you enjoy the meditation, ensure to listen for the entire 30 minutes to fully benefit and rid yourself of all that shit.

Shit can take a long time to accumulate, and old shit can be hard to shift. To get rid of all that old built-up hard shit, listen for the entire 30 minutes at your convenience.

30 minutes every day for seven days is a great way to achieve maximum results!

"The timing of this is outstanding …no bullshit!! After a recent diagnosis of a brain tumour this has obsoletely put a smile on my face every day. I learnt to let go of the bullshit and drama and focus on the joy. I am joy, I am peace, I am happiness, I am love, today I don’t need bullshit! What a great way to choose to live. Thank you, Paul."
"I had no idea what I would think before doing this meditation. I don’t normally meditate but I thought I would give it a go. Wow, it’s amazing, I managed to get through it all and I loved it, it helped me to understand how I could let go. It’s funny and made me laugh and made me think about what I can choose. The meditation helps me to be happy, its good"
"At first, I wasn’t sure whether meditation would be something I could do or even enjoy doing. Its not easy to just sit down and relax for 30 minutes but I’m glad I did. I now believe in meditation, it makes me feel good, it’s amazing. I shared it with my wife, and she just laughed at first but now she gets it, we smile at each other more. We listen to the meditation in the car on the way to work and arrive calm, relaxed and best of all happy."
- Ron Fielder
"Thankyou for sharing this Bullshit with me, wonderful experience indeed. Happy to share this Bullshit."
- Lukasz Chudecki

Leave ‘em laughing

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